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Certified Green Professional Home Builder

Having a dream home is about more than square footage. You have elements in mind that you know your home needs, but you are also an environmentally responsible person. You don’t want your home to come at a cost to the environment, so you need a home builder who can get the job done responsibly. At John Marion Custom Homes, we can help you plan and build a home that lives up to all of your standards.

It Starts With Quality Construction

Many of the core tenets that make green builders successful go hand in hand with good building practices in general. High-quality materials dramatically impact insulation and prevent the need for excessive heating or cooling. Additionally, building proper seals around windows, doors, and ducts minimize energy loss. Most importantly, our experience in building so many custom homes over the years has given our designs adaptability that can serve to make your home more environmentally friendly without driving up costs.

Certified Green

We don’t just claim to be green home builders. We are certified. As a Certified Green Professional (CGP), John Marion Custom Homes has passed an extensive curriculum and undergone review to ensure that your home will be guilt free. The CGP program reviews best practices regarding energy and water efficiency, environmental quality, site development and homeowner education to build a complete package that protects your home and the planet at every turn. From design to waste removal, we do the entire job sustainably.

Planning Is Key

The backbone of our process is getting involved with you during planning. This is as necessary for staying green as any other aspect of building a home and we take it seriously. We’ll help you incorporate design elements that improve efficiency. Controlling natural lighting and induced airflow are some of the most economical ways to minimize waste on energy. We’ll help you build these elements into a design that meets your needs and looks and feels great. A good building plan will also empower us to manage your lot and the construction site sustainably, so you don’t have to worry about the impact your home leaves behind.

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We have the tools and experience to help you build your dream home. If you want to see the real potential of a certified green home builder, then contact us today. We’ll meet with you and show open up an entire world of options and opportunities.